Our Farmers' Story

At Clive Burger sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint is always at our main focus. We have many friends who help us along this journey.

Please visit their sites and help Clive make the world a better place!

Village brewery

It takes a village to raise a beer, and a beer to raise a village.
Village Brewery is a Calgary based company started on the basis of brewing not only beer, but also community.
A prime example of this is that 10% of their profit is invested directly into the arts community, simply for the purpose of helping people pursue their passions.

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Grizzly Paw Soda

Grizzly Paw sodas are handcrafted in Canmore at Grizzly Paw Brewing Co. These soda’s have 1/3 less sugar than other sodas and contain no caffeine, making them a great choice for all members of the family!

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Spring Creek Bio-refinery

Spring Creek offers premium quality beef products with a focus on exceptional quality, ethical agricultural practices and environmental sustainability. All the animals are raised humanely without antibiotics, steroids, hormones or additives. Spring Creek is also a partner in Growing Power, Canada’s first integrated BioRefinery that produces Green Power and BioFertilizer. This program uses bio-waste, such as cattle manure, to produce odorless fertilizer and generate electricity for their facility and community.

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